NWA 8049 Ureilite Meteorite .79g thin part-slice - Great Price!!!

Pricing & History

NWA 8049 Ureilite (achondrite) Meteorite - .79 gram thin part-slice. This stone shimmers when held up in the light and rotated. Truly a wonderful slice for the price. A 369.5g stone was purchased out of Morocco in August of 2013. I cut and prepared several initial slices myself and classification was done by Dr. Anthony Irving, who determined the stone to be a ureilite. Slices were cut thin to reduce price and allow for a great surface area. As the slices are rotated they have a holographic appearance. THE PICTURES DO NOT DO THIS STONE JUSTICE! It is beautiful and sparkly in the light which cannot be duplicated on paper (…or screen). Each slices comes in a quality labeled meteorite display box . Petrography as follows: Protogranular aggregate of zoned olivine and pigeonite (Fs13.0-13.4Wo7.3-7.4). Olivine cores have a mean composition of Fa16.0 (Cr2O3 = 0.8 wt.%); rims are much more magnesian (Fa2.5; Cr2O3 = 0.7 wt.%) and contain fine inclusions of iron metal. Scale cube not included. Please visit my site for a variety of other specimens at great prices. CONTACT ME FIRST IF WANTING TO BID OUTSIDE OF U SA Posted with eBay Mobile