Machus RED FOX Menu (where Jimmy Hoffa was last seen)

Pricing & History

Restaurant know for its great talks of Men Only Fox's Den served from 11:30-2:30pm and the history of the restaurant, bakery, their quality of food and services available. Prices are a hoot too! Shows the inflation! This restaurant is no longer open so this is a piece of history as noted below...rare..since how many menus get printed for a restaurant??? where as a book or record are millions...??? there are 3 more pages not shown. Machus Red Fox Machus Red Fox was a restaurant on Telegraph Road in Bloomfield Township, Michigan [1] . It is perhaps most famous as the place where former Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa disappeared on July 30 , 1975 .Harris Machus, already a successful restaurateur, opened Machus Red Fox in 1966. It was the crown jewel among Machus Enterprises' chain of restaurants and bakeries. Noted for providing a fine dining experience, the 270-seat restaurant was decorated in an English country, hunt-club motif, rich in red velvet with dimly lit booths. Machus Red Fox closed in 1996 and an Italian restaurant, Andiamo, is now located in its place. Harris Machus died in January 2001. Jimmy Hoffa While many wealthy and socially elite chose Machus Red Fox for their dinner venue, Jimmy Hoffa was perhaps the restaurant's most regular celebrity patron. The restaurant hosted the wedding reception for Hoffa's son, read more