F769: Korean Rhee-Dynasty pottery ware small plate like an excavation product

Pricing & History

ITEM DESCRIPTION CONDITION : Good. ( Used. No serious damages. ) SIZE : Width 4.4 in : Length 4.4 in : Height 1.4 in : Weight 150 g This is a small plate of Korean pottery ware. Because I am not versed in the Korean antique, I do not understand the correct age of this. But this does not look new. And the work and a style are appropriate Korean Rhee-Dynasty style.I think that it is an old proof although bottom has some wounds. And it is not a serious damages. Please purchase at this opportunity, and add to your collection. In order to avoid a trouble, please be sure to read the following "ABOUT SHIPMENT" etc. PHOTO SHIPPING COST and ABOUT SHIPMENT SAL Fedex EMS Sea mail USA, Canada, Oceania, Middle East USD 15.40 70 USD 20.00 Europe USD 15.40 90 USD 20.00 Asia USD 13.40 40 USD 18.90 Africa, South America USD 17.40 40 USD 24.40 Capacity weight for Fedex 2.7 kg The cost of Fedex is estimate. It changes with zones. I have four shipment methods. Please read the following carefully.And please recognize the characteristic of each method. 1, SAL ( The cheapest method. But it has many faults. ) The maximum weight is 2 kg (included packing material). More than 2 kg is EMS or Fedex. And the overweight by combination of some items is also EMS or Fedex. Handling time is uncertain. About two to three weeks. Sometime one month. Worst two months. read more