Casio CDP-3000 Full Size Electric Piano Hammer Action Keys Very High Quality

Pricing & History

Casio Full Size Electronic Piano Excellent Authentic Sound,Compact And In Excellent Condition , With Manual and Score Book . Not many of us are lucky enough to have the space for a full size piano ... but many of us long for that full size piano sound.. the feedback from the keys, the articulation of the pedals ... to produce a beautiful sound. This is why this Casio full size electronic piano is for you ! Complete with pre-programmed scores, with accompanying score book, from beginner to pro, this piano will expand your enjoyment of playing the piano, all without needing a new house to store it . Don’t confuse this Casio CDP3000 with mere electronic keyboards... the tactile hammer action feel and feedback of the full size keys, to the pedals ... mark this out as no ordinary electronic piano .. but one of great performance. This piano would be ideal for beginners learning to play the piano through to professional artists looking for a compact way to enjoy their music without sacrificing performance. This piano is in excellent condition with some marks to the upright feet as to be expected, and comes complete with score book, manual and protective cover. Due to size and weight collection is encouraged, as postage would be a LOT. Please be quick as this is the only one I have available, so be quick to avoid dissapointment !