Ca 1920s Folk Art hand made toy truck / car, original early paint *

Pricing & History

Offered here without reserve is this true piece of American folk art .. an all hand made all wood toy truck or passenger automobile in its original paint. It measures 22" long, 8 1/4" wide, 9 1/4" high. She's all wood with an "engine" under the hood (see my 6th picture), a spare tire, seats for driver and passengers (see my 9th and 10th pictures), and a passenger door on one side that opens. The sole apology is the missing door on the other side. The paint is fantastic ... wholly original, a wonderful blue except for the roof of the cab, and a make-do license plate. Do not think of this as a toy, but especially with its paint, its truly an authentic piece of early 20th century folk art. Beyond this my pictures tell the rest of the story. Domestic USPS shipping will run $26 but if less I will refund.