1.9" CHUBUTENSIS Fossil Shark Tooth - South Carolina Megalodon

Pricing & History

About this Shark Tooth :This is a Chubutensis shark tooth found while SCUBA diving in a dark, black water river in South Carolina. Chubutensis is the species of shark that directly evolved into the Megalodon shark. This is a nice complete tooth with some wear around the one root corner. Would be perfect for a necklace. No repairs or restorations.L1 = 1.90"W = 1.50"I will combine shipping!IMPORTANT INFORMATIONMeasurements: L1 is the longest measurement from the tip of the tooth to the upper corner root lobe, along the longest slant of the tooth. L2 measurements are from the tip to the opposite root lobe. "W" is for width and measured across the widest part of the tooth. If it is a larger tooth and you wish to know the weight, please contact me and I will get it for you.About my shark teeth : Most of my shark teeth for sale are personal finds, especially if from South Carolina. There are NEVER any repairs or restoration unless specifically stated in the description. All I do is soak the teeth in water over night and lightly scrub away dirt and grime with a toothbrush the next day. There are no oils or special photography tricks used. What you see, is what you get. If additional pictures are required or you have a question about the specimen, do not hesitate to contact me. There is no such thing as a dumb question.Buy-it-now : If you read more