Pricing & History

This auction is for a 1976 IBANEZ 2404 DOUBLE NECK GUITAR/BASS. With an EB style 4-string bass on top, and an SG style 6-string on bottom, you can pretty much be a one-man band with this thing, and it's a blast to play!The Bass side is EB styled, and features a similar pickup setup and bridge. It has a 21-fret neck 2-per-side headstock, and inlay at headstock. T is a crack on back of the headstock that has been repaired and touched up. It's plenty stable, and not going anyw The bridge pickup has a repaired and touched up route, and the ring was cracked and repaired as well.The guitar side is SG styled, and features two humbuckers, and tune-o-matic style bridge. It features a 21-fret neck with 3-per-side tuners, and inlay at headstock. The nut has a piece out of it, but it doesn't interfere with the playability. Seems it had different tuners on it at one time, as t are extra holes that have been filled and touched up.It is more in player condition, than a collector. It looks like it either had an extra output jack for stereo, or someone added a separate one. The hole for it is filled. The electronics (two volumes, two tones, 3-way for guitar and bass, master 3-way) work fine though. It also has many touched up dings along the edges, and some finish cracks in the neck pocket area, as well as filled holes for additional strap button read more